Renters' Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a maintenance item?

If you need maintenance in your rental home, please contact Green Gables using our Resident Sign In link. Once you sign into your personal site, you will find a Contact Us tab that will enable you to report your maintenance needs. Maintenance requests go straight to our Maintenance Team, and are handled on an emergency/non-emergency basis.

Emergency Examples

Fire, tree blown on the roof, flooding, sewage back up, gas odors, broken water pipes, electrical arcing/sparking/or electrical fire or other serious issue, furnace out (if in winter).

If the emergency is life-threatening, call 911 immediately!

If you have trouble using our automated service, you can also call our office at (440) 867-5100, to report the problem.

If you smell gas leave the home immediately, and contact your power company and then Green Gables. Your gas company will typically visit the home within 1 hour to identify and correct gas leaks.

The following are Not emergencies:

Appliance outages-refrigerator, stove, water heater, air conditioner (or similar), locking yourself out of the house, garage door failure, etc. Green Gables is not liable for loss of food caused by appliance break down.

If you have trouble using our automated service, you can also call our office at (440) 867-5100, to report the problem.

Click on the Resident sign in link and go to the Contact Us. Fill out the required fields describe your maintenance request in detail.

Once your request is submitted, you will receive an initial confirmation email followed by an email from our maintenance team with detailed instructions on how it will be rectified.

Availability of contractors will dictate our response time. For example, weekends, holidays and extreme weather conditions can delay repair services.

Large repair efforts may require that we get additional estimates, or require multiple vendors, estimates, or track down parts.

You will be responsible for:

  • Missed appointments. The cost of a trip charge of $40 will be assessed to your account if you schedule an appointment and fail to show.
  • The cost of repairs outside of normal wear and tear.
  • The cost of clearing plumbing obstructions (i.e. clogged drains and toilets).

The residents are responsible for all the utilities associated with their rental home.

Utilities including waste removal, water and sewer will remain in the property owners name. The tenant will be billed monthly to their account for these utilities. The resident will receive a copy of the original statement from the utility company for their records.

Electric and gas utility accounts must be changed into the residents name and must be verified by the property manager prior to the resident obtaining keys to the property.

Residents are responsible for obtaining any TV and/or phone services and must be in the residents name.

No exceptions to the policy

All signers on the lease agreement must be present to sign all the documents with the property manager.

Total Move in Costs (first months rent, security deposit equal to one months rent) must be paid in the form of certified funds (cashiers check or money order) or cash ONLY.

Copies of your photo ID and income verification documents must be in our records.

The utilities of electric and gas changed into the residents name and must have been verified by the property manager.

No. However, if you wish to add some color to the walls of your rental property, we have a crew that will perform the service for you at a charge between $150.00 to $300.00 per room depending on the size of the room. This includes the cost of the paint and supplies as well. Your property manager will be able to provide you with a paint deck in order for you to choose your color preference.

Once you become a resident of a Green Gables property you will have access to your personal resident site, which has a phone directory for important numbers you will need. Community events, helpful tips and information can be found in our Residents' Corner blog and also on our Facebook page.

Yes. Installations must be done by a professional, and any cost of installation is an expense of the tenant. Any damages to the property caused by the installation will be the responsibility of the tenant. All competed installations shall be permanent and will remain with the property after the end of the lease.

Yes. Installations must be done by a professional and are the responsibility of the tenant as well as any damages caused by the installation.

No. The lease agreement clearly states that the resident shall no sublet any portion of the property or assign the agreement without written permission from the property owner. You may not operate a business out of your rental home (including but not limited to providing daycare services, sales, business storage, or other non-residential business activities).

You will need to contact the property manager and obtain written permission to add a pet after you have already moved in. Pets that may be deemed dangerous are not allowed to reside in a Green Gables property, for example Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and similar breeds.

Leases require a 30 day written notice that needs to be submitted to Green Gables. For example, If you are planning to move at the end of you lease on the 31st of September, you will need to provide notification no later than the 31st of August. Leases that have transitioned into a month-to-month status will need to give the same 30 day written notification.

If your roommate moves out, a written notice needs to be submitted to Green Gables. Depending on which option you choose when applying could determine if the property manager chooses to end the lease or not. It is not the responsibility of Green Gables to arbitrate or mediate problems with multiple tenant situations. Only approved residents can occupy the rental property as a residence. A departing roommate will still be responsible under the lease unless released from this obligation in writing by Green Gables.

If you want to add someone to the lease, the individual must complete a rental application and be successfully screened before moving into the property. There is an additional rent increase per month of $150.00 per adult. Occupancy limitations will apply in determining the quantity of roommates that will be allowed.

Security deposits are collected as "security" for the property. Reimbursements to departing roommates are handled by the remaining tenants. No portion of the security deposit will be refunded individually by Green Gables. All security deposits will be dispersed only at the end of tenancy.

Rent payments are due on the first of the month, except when that day falls on a weekend or legal holiday, in which case rent is due on the next business day. We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Personal Check made payable to: Green Gables Property Management, LLC
  • Cashier's Check made payable to: Green Gables Property Management, LLC
  • Money Order
  • EFT/e-check
  • Online payment with a credit card (There is a $10.00 convenience fee for credit card payments)

There is a 5 day grace period for payment of rent. If tenant fails to pay the rent in full before the end of the 6th day it is due, there will be a late fee of $20.00 assessed to the rent.

If a payment is returned for lack of sufficient funds, "stop payment" or any other reason a fee of $25.00 will be assessed.

For any additional questions, please complete our contact information form.

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