How to Apply

In order to become a tenant with Green Gables, you must apply through our online application process; this includes a credit and background check. There are a few important details to be aware of before you start:

  1. All persons age 18 years or older, who will be living in the rental home, (excluding dependent children) are required to complete separate applications and will be screened.
  2. A Photo I.D. (current driver's license, state I.D., military I.D. or passport) is required for each applicant. A photo copy of your identification document will need to be provided and will be obtained for our records at the time of signing the lease agreement.
  3. All intended residents (including children) must be listed on the application.
  4. All pets must be listed on the application

There are two options for qualifying financially available to applicants.

Group Qualification:

Applicants desiring to live together as a single housekeeping unit may elect to financially qualify for tenancy as a group, in which case the Property Owner/Manager has the right to immediately terminate the rental contract when any one member of that group vacates the property.

Individual Qualification:

Each legal entity may elect to financially qualify for tenancy individually, in which case the occupant may continue to lease the property if the other party of the rental contract vacates the property for any reason.


All applicants desiring to live together must choose the same option.

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