Solar Eclipse 2017

“Do not attempt to observe the partial or annular phases of nay eclipse with the naked eye. Failure to use appropriate filtration may result in permanent eye damage or blindness.” -NASA


Can’t you just wear sunglasses? No

Fact :: You would have to wear more than 20 pairs of sunglasses to even remotely come close to safely viewing the eclipse. There is a very short list of approved filters.

Can I safely look at the eclipse for less than a minute total? No.

Fact :: Any time spent looking at the eclipse can cause lasting retinal damage. At the most, you can risk half a second, but do you really want to? I barely understand half a second in time dimension; does your child?

Thankfully, there are several options for safely viewing the solar eclipse.

Make a Pinhole Projector

Pros :: This is the safest and most inexpensive method. 

Cons :: It isn’t a real life view

How-To :: Check out this informative video by NASA, and make it a family project!

Score Some Protective Eyewear {with appropriate filters}

Pros :: You’ll be able to safely view the actual eclipse.

Cons :: You will probably have to purchase the eyewear, as most of the libraries giving them out for free have run out. You also have to make sure all parties viewing it are wearing it exactly as needed.

How-To :: Should you decide to purchase protective eyewear, there are options. Number 14 welders glasses are approved, and are available at some welding supply outlets. You can also use Aluminized Mylar glasses {be sure you use a reputable vendor or ask your local optometrist, as there are several fakes on the market}. 

View the Eclipse via Television, Video, or Photograph 

Pros :: You can view the eclipse over and over again.

Cons :: It isn’t a real-life view.

How-To :: All media outlets will be covering the eclipse. If you choose to photograph it, there is some equipment involved, and you can find instructions here

As for my personal choice? I will be skip the live viewing with my 1 year old and simply watch footage. This is easily the safest choice and ensures she doesn’t somehow take off her protective wear or look up while we are watching the projection


These are personal recommendations. Please make sure to take all safety precautions.

Back to School

This is the month we send our children to back to school or maybe it’s their first time!

Send them back with some of these handy lunch tips.

Freeze drinks or squeeze yogurts the night before and they’ll double as ice packs.


Make a big batch of PB&J sandwiches in advance and freeze them.




Put a rubber band on a sliced apple to keep it from turning brown.


Make a snack station for your kids to choose from.


Movies at Memorial Field Geneva

Summer movies are back in Geneva!

Check out the tips below to make your outdoor movie experience easier.image1 (6)

Use a blow-up pool for your family to sit it! It keeps bugs out and little kids in!3f723fb3-09a2-40ba-bd95-4993ffce83b5_1.cdbf4f080703085ad6a09039d4365bbc.jpegUse battery powered candles for light or glow sticks. Don’t be the jerk waving your flashlight all over.candles-883123_960_720.jpg

Spring Flowers

How to Easily Maintain April Flowers

Hanging Baskets 

Be sure to add a little bit of controlled or slow release fertilizer to your plant when you first buy it and then again every two weeks.

Hang it somewhere it will get water and sunlight and shade on its own. This will help you not have to move it around and constantly water.


Snip off dead and wilted blossoms

Another way to water less frequently add a few polymer crystals, such as Roots® Terra-Sorb® Super Absorbent Planting Gel, to the container mix before planting.

If your hanging basket ever drys out, place the bottom half of the basket into the water and allow the plants to slowly suck up the water it needs to replenish itself.


Health Issues

According to “Wilting usually means the baskets are not being watered enough, but it can also mean disease. Yellowing leaves may mean the plants aren’t getting enough nutrients. And brown spots, chewed leaves, sticky substances and a stippled discoloration are typical signs of bug attack. Treat only after determining the problem and whether it’s one that requires action.”

Potted Plants

Make sure there are one or more holes in the bottom of your container to allow water to flow out freely. Insufficient drainage can cause roots to drown, and the plant to die prematurely.

To reduce plant maintenance, buy potting mix containing a time-release fertilizer and moisture-retaining polymer crystals.3561707374_ec49f687e6_b.jpg

Water your plants until the water comes out of the drainage holes. That way you know the soil is getting moisture all the way to the bottom.

Water the soil, not the leaves and flowers. Wetting the foliage can lead to fungal diseases and sometimes scorched spots on leaves.

Potted plant facts from

April Fool’s Day


According to, ” The most popular theory about the origin of April Fool’s Day involves the French calendar ”

No one knows for sure where or when it originated.



According to CNN.COM this is how other countries celebrate April Fool’s Day

Around the World:
In France, April 1st is called “Poisson d’Avril.”
French children fool their friends by taping a paper fish to their friends’ backs.
When the “young fool” discovers this trick, the prankster yells “Poisson d’Avril!”
In Scotland, April Fools’ lasts two days. Victims of pranks are called gowks (cuckoo birds). The second day is known as Taily Day, and pranks involving the backside are played. Supposedly, it is the origin of “kick me” signs.
In England and Canada, pranks are only played in the morning of April 1st.




As an April Fools’ Day prank in 1998, Burger King published a full-page advertisement in USA TODAY introducing the newest menu item: a “Left-Handed Whopper.” -per

In England, depending on where you live, instead of being called “fool” on April Fools’ Day, you could be called a “noodle,” “noddy,” “gobby” or “gob.”

The First Day of Spring 2017

spring-1210194_960_720.jpgToday marks the first day of spring!

March 20th, 2017

According to, “The March equinox marks the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator – from south to north. This happens on March 19, 20 or 21 every year.”


It was not always called Spring!

According to, “The first season of the month used to be referred to as Lent or Lenten until the 16th century.”


Is Spring Fever Real?

According to, “spring fever is both psychological and physiological. The human body can have trouble adjusting to the new temperature and increase in light.”

Organizing Your Fridge

Top Shelves

Should be milk, dairy, eggs, leftover drinks, and ready to eat foods such as deli meat.


Lower Shelves

Raw ingredients to be used for cooking* not meat*


Only Condiments!!3302421700_6491f89ff5_b.jpg


Use the drawers for veggies and raw meat; if they are one on top of each other place raw meat in the lowest drawer. Clean the drawer used for meat often. If you need both drawers for fruits and vegetables. Get a small plastic bin to put meat in so that you do not contaminate your other foods.


Common Mistakes

Keep milk and other dairies out of the door

Keep meat and seafood on the bottom to prevent leaking into other foods.

National Pancake Day -IHOP- March 7th

According to, on Tuesday, March 7th from 7 am – 7 pm — with select locations offering extended hours until 10 pm — celebrate National Pancake Day® at IHOP® and get a FREE short stack of our Original Buttermilk Pancakes!

In return, they ask that you make a donation to their charitable partners. Every stack served helps them reach their goal of raising $3.5 million for children battling critical illnesses.


* Guests can receive one free short stack of buttermilk pancakes at participating IHOP® restaurants nationwide on March 7, 2017 (National Pancake Day) from 7 am – 7 pm; some location hours may vary.
Please check with your local IHOP® for exact hours of participation. Limit one offer per guest. Dine-in only.