Get Organized Month

January is Get Organized Month!!

The freshness of a new, un-scribbled calendar. The clean lines of household furniture, freed from December’s tinsel, trash, and clutter. The sweet silence of the second cup of coffee after the children mount the school bus. The delicious feeling of energy to spare, the energy released, but not expended, by December’s holiday frenzy.

I know we have been running around our house getting all the germs out and everything put together to have a clean house!

Here are a few helpful tips.

  • I am purging everything! Things that I have not used in 1 year are being thrown away or donated. Things that have not been used for 6 months are being put aside to be thrown away or donated in 6 more months.
  • Do one room at a time and start from the top to the bottom.


Storing Items according to

Some items will always make the storage cut, and have a just and proper place in your storage plan:

  • Clothing (out-of-season clothing, children’s hand-me-down candidates, maternity clothes)
  • Seasonal décor items (Christmas trees and decorations, Easter baskets, Halloween costumes)
  • Household file archives (tax records, personal documents, family information and files)
  • Sentimental and keepsake items (old yearbooks, children’s’ schoolwork and report cards, photos)
  • Luggage
  • Sporting goods (bicycles, skis and snowboards, skates, camping equipment, outdoor game sets)
  • Children’s storage (outgrown baby equipment, toys, children’s keepsakes, boxes held for college-age or young adult children, grandma’s toy chest items)
  • Sewing, hobby and craft equipment and supplies (sewing machine, fabrics, hobby supplies)
  • Party and hospitality supplies (coffee urn, paper goods, extra glasses, punch bowl, seasonal tablecloths, card tables, extra chairs, extra beds and bedding used for houseguests)
  • Less-used cleaning equipment and supplies (carpet steam-cleaner, window cleaning poles and squeegees, automotive cleaning supplies)
  • Tools and hardware (hand tools, power tools, hardware items, ladder, garden tools, auto repair tools and supplies)
  • Original packaging for computer, audio and video components (keep boxes and packaging for newer components, as the manufacturer may condition warranty service on returning the item in original packaging; toss packaging for out-of-warranty items)


Have Fun Getting Organized!



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