Shelter your Bill from the Cold!


Winter is upon us, and cold temperatures will remain in the region.

The low temperatures will put higher stress on equipment used to generate and deliver electricity.
In addition, energy bills can increase when temperatures plummet. Use these tips to help you use less energy.
Electric heating can be the biggest contributor to high winter bills. Select the lowest comfortable setting on your thermostat when you’re home. Lower the temperature a degree or two when you leave.
Inefficient electric heating can also add to monthly power bills during colder temperatures. Get regular service calls from a licensed technician to properly maintain your heating and cooling system.
Leave drapes or blinds open during sunny winter days to allow the sun’s rays to warm the house, but close them at night to help insulate your home.
One of the easiest things customers can do to support electric heating efficiency is to change air filters regularly. A dirty air filter makes an electric heating system work harder, which uses more energy.

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